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7 yo 13.3 hand sorrel Quarter/Pony Gelding
(pony sized)

Charlie is a super cute little gelding who is incredibly smart and willing with a Stocky build. Great for light adult riders and sized right for a potential step up pony for youth riders. Has been worked with using Natural Horsemanship techniques and does great with it. Ridden bareback/halter/leadrope or full tack in snaffle bit. Trail and Traffic safe. Rides out alone with ease. Neck reins on light touch. Great trail horse with allot of potential for more. Kind horse looking for kind and loving home. Could make great family horse. Has ponied and will also pony. Discount given to Natural Horsemanship home. Could possibly make a little cow pony with some training. Not spooky or afraid of cattle.



See his Youtube Videos at:

(7-25-12) Intermediate Adult riding/obstacles

(7-25-12) Intermediate Adult trail riding alone:

(7-25-12) Intermediate Adult trail riding alone II:

(7-16-12) Desensitizing:

(7-16-12) Tacking and riding I:

(7-16-12) Pulling Tire:

(7-17-12) Riding around Farm I:

(7-17-12) Riding around Farm II:

(7-17-12) Trailer Loading and washing with garden hose:



15 hand silver grulla mare. Gorgeous coloring (silver grulla with dorsal stripe and leg barring) and quiet temperment. Very quick learning and calm. Likes people. Rides halter/leadrope bareback or full tack. Has been started on State Trails. More videos coming soon.


See her Youtube Videos at:

Beginning Desensitizing 6-11-12

Beginning Tacking and riding out 6-11-12

"Abbie" APHA


Registered APHA Breeding Stock
2001 Buckskin Mare
15+ hands

You do not find them much prettier then this. Buttermilk buckskin with blonde feathering in mane, black tail, black points. Gorgeous head (email for more pictures). Has had a few foals in the past, good mother. Was broke to ride, will continue with refresher. Currently available to knowledgeable horseman/woman to continue refresher or as potential broodmare to add color to your performance foals.



See her Youtube Videos at:


Tacking up:


Desensitizing to Mounting:


Cashs Mr Mac

Kirby Mac


Big 15.3 hand Registered 4 yo paint gelding

Kirby is an outstanding pleasure/hunt prospect. He is slow legged and cadanced and is one of the easiest horses to work with and
tries hard to please.

No bad habits or vices and has not been pushed. Was out to pasture all summer and grew over an inch with more to go. Has had one month professional natural horsemanship training this fall. Very quiet and desensitized. Slow legged lope, deep, and flat naturally all he needs is a program and a rider. No show record on this maiden colt.

Would make outstanding youth horse. Kind and gentle and loves people. Sound and sane horse. You can ride him out fresh with no issues. Trail and traffic safe. As with all of our horses, Vet checks welcome.




See his Youtube Videos at:

(Riding fresh)

(Circling fresh)

(Circling fresh)


(Feb. 1 Riding around)

(Feb. 1 Riding)

Zippos Bank Deposit "Black Jack"

2004 APHA black/overo gelding
Gson of Zippo Pine Bar

Black Jack is a nice little gelding with allot of potential. Was started out well by Professional Natural Horsemanship Trainer and ridden periodically since. He is a quiet, patient, and willing partner with a smooth, slow, and flat/deep natural lope to him.

Would make outstanding WP, Western riding, working horse, trail, extreme cowboy, etc. He can go many directions. Price reduced to help find Black Jack his riding parter before summer!



See his youtube videos at:

(Riding from Pasture)

(In Training:Obstacle Course, Fall 2009)

(In Training: Arena work, Fall 2009)

(Riding, Feb 2011)

(Riding, April 2011)

Zippos A Glo "Logan"

Zippos A Glo
2005 AQHA Ivory Champange + Creme
Gson of Zippo Pine Bar

Genetic coloring: ee/Aa/CRn + Champagne Gene

Logan is the kind of horse that doesnt come around everyday. He is gorgeous to look at, quiet, and smart. Logan has the ability to go in any direction. Bloodlines include Zippo Pine Bar, Sonny Dee Bar, and Mr Joe Glow. Videos coming soon.



Our goal is good horses to good homes.

Aside from our horses we have bred and raised; we look for horses with good hearts and good heads in need of new families, homes, and riders and will often have a variety of ages, colors, breeds, and abilities available.
We do focus mainly however on quiet and calm trail/pleasure type horses as that is what we know and enjoy ourselves.

We work all of our horses with Natural Horsemanship techniques and keep them until we feel they have a good understanding of the method and are well exposed and we can accurately access their ability, nature, and what kind of rider match they would best suit. If we take in a well broke horse to find a better home for, he or she will still get at least a month of riding/work before we will offer them so that we have a chance to get to know the horses real nature as well, however many of our horses get much more time/training then that as I do not believe in 'trainer crash courses' or 'quick fixes' as generally they do not work well for either the horse or the rider down the line.

Often times we have someone interested in a particular horse listed in our coming soon section before we have them advertised. These are horses we have or are working with but are either not yet ready to be offered for sale or have not finished their training/assessment. We welcome people interested to come see us work/ride any coming soon horse before offered/advertised, however unless other arrangements are made with parties trainer/etc. each horse will continue to get a minimum work necessary before leaving to help assure he/she gets off to a good start.

If you see any coming soon horse you are interested in, feel free to send us an email or click on our "Join" list (top of page) to be added to our mailings when new horses/videos are updated.

Thank You for your interest in our horses. Sarona and Sandy Bruder

Available Soon:


Available Soon:
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9 yo. 13 hand Palomino Quater Pony Mare

4-25-12 Desensitizing:





Available Soon:
< < < < < < < < < <


14.2 hand solid black Quarter Horse / Quarter Pony mare. 10 years old. Has been ridden on Several State Trails/Parks with intermediate/beginner riders.

Cute little mover, could make nice show pony with more refinement.

Bad picture; better one coming soon!

Sold Grace

Yearling Draft Paint Cross
Tri-colored Filly

This is a very straight and correct filly that will mature tall with allot of presence and structure. She is quiet and very even tempered. Smooth flowing trot. Will make a gentle and versitile nicely marked horse that has potential to go in any direction.

Congrats Laurie of South Carolina on her purchase of Grace and brother Luke. We wish you and both the best of luck in future Dressage arenas.

Sold Luke


2 yo Draft Cross Gelding
15+ hands

Super minded young Draft Cross Gelding. Nice mover and very trainable. Just started ground work and coming along very nicely. Will make great dressage/hunt/ or trail horse that can go in any direction.

He is a fun horse to work with. See his videos below 1st time Line Driving! I have also started him bareback and he has worn a saddle. Zero buck so far and starting him slowly under saddle. Very smart gelding with allot of potential. Out of above tri colored mare, Leah.

UPDATE: I had the opportunity to take a horse and ride with Buck Brannaman in Bristol, WI Sept. 14-17. Luke did amazing. As such a young colt with limited work he was unfazed and handled the new area and 20+ other riders like a champ. He has approx. 20 rides to date and continues to be a gem to work with. His potential is unlimited.

Congrats Laurie of South Carolina on her purchase of Luke and sister Grace. We wish you and both the best of luck in future Dressage arenas.


See his Youtube Videos at:
2nd time ever with rider! 6-19-12

Ground Driving (1st Time)6-9-12:

Free Lunging:

Desensitizing 6-6-12:

Circling with Surcingle 6-9-12:

Ostacles (1st day)

Sold through Lease/Lesson/Own



12 yo 15.1 hand Draft Cross Mare

Leah is broke to ride and drive. She has good bone structure and an easy way of going with surprisingly smooth gaits. Rides bareback/halter/leadrope or in full tack. Trail and traffic safe. Was unused for over 3 years and has come off break very well. Not much experience loping under saddle or on a long line due to her previous primary career pulling, but learning and has super personality. Has had some Amish training however not afraid of people. We are teaching her more finesse and to be softer.

She has pulled single, double, and has been a lead horse/pair in a 6 horse hitch. She has also pulled some farm equiptment/plowed fields and been in parades. Has had inexperienced handlers/owners and done well by trying to figure things out for herself for them.

Nice big mare with allot of potential. Optional continued riding/refresher/training available. She is the dam to both
Luke and Grace shown below.

Sold through Lease/Lesson/Own

Thank You and Congrats to Loretta of Cumberland, WI. We look forward to working with you and Leah together!

See her Youtube Videos at:

6-8-12 Riding with Tarp/Pulling Tire, etc.

4-25-12 Desensitizing:

4-25-12 Riding Bareback:



Registered AQHA 1990 dun mare. 15.2 hands and solid built. Previously shown in 4H shows and trail ridden. Her last home was with an inexperienced horse family and she did well. Could make good light riding husband horse, beginner youth horse, or light riding extra horse mount.

Been riding her bareback/halter leadrope and full tack. Trail and traffic safe. Excellent health, has many good years yet to give to a loving home that can give her the same.

Thank You and Congrats to Kris of North Branch, MN... Home
of and co-owner/co-founder of Cinch Chix! (

It was a honor to meet you two (brush with fame)
We LOVE your bale nets! -Always have, Always will!


See her Youtube Videos at:

New Video! (10-27-12) Riding with Clay:

New Video! (10-27-12) Riding with Leah:

New Video! (10-10-12) Desensitizing and riding brideless:

New Video! (10-10-12) Riding bridleless:

(7-18-12) Riding and in rain:



8 yo 15.1 hand Appaloosa Gelding

Duster is a quiet minded and easy going gelding. He has been successfully shown by a youth in open and 4H shows in walk trot, English, Western Pleasure and Showmanship. I have worked with him using Natural Horsemanship techiques and is good desensitizing, circling for respect, and has allot of try for new things. Started side passing, goes over obstacles, etc. with ease. Very nice jog trot that continues to improve and smooth and easy lope. Could make a Western Riding/pattern horse with little work. Smart horse with a kind nature. Seeking registration with AApA.

Will sell with optional continued riding thru May.

SOLD! Thank You and Good Luck with Duster to Cathy of Racine, MN
Duster will begin training in low level Dressage- Fancy, Duster, Fancy! I am excited for both of you-Thank You again and Good Luck!

See his Youtube Videos at:

New Video! 5-17-12 (Riding Bareback/and bridleless)

NEW VIDEO 5-10-12

4-21-12 Desensitizing

4-21-12 Saddleing

4-21-12 Circling

4-21-12 Riding:

4-21-12 Obstacles under saddle

4-25-12 Bareback/halter Leadrope:

SOLD! TW Skip Poco King

99.1%+ foundation QH

2008 Double Reg. AQHA/NFQHA 13.3 hand sorrel gelding. Cute colt with a big heart and allot of try to please. Skippy was started out slowly and has had good natural horsemanship handlers and is quiet, calm and gentle. He loves and trusts people and will make someone a great trail partner or 4H horse for smaller rider.

Started and going well under saddle and rides bareback/halter/leadrope as well. Trail and Traffic safe.

Pedigree available on under reg. name
TW Skip Poco King. Skippy has 7 Ties to Poco Bueno!

Thanks John and Char. I hope he continues being a great riding partner for Char and a super companion for Rooster!


See his youtube videos at:

NEW VIDEO: 3-17-12
(Skippy from pasture under saddle/ball, etc. I)

NEW VIDEO: 3-17-12
(Skippy from pastgure under saddle/ball, etc. II)

(Trail and road ride, part I)

(Trail and road ride, part II)

1-16-12 (Tacking up/Riding)

1-16-12 (Intermediate Rider/and Youth Leading)

(Lesson in round pen/6 yo riding)


12-16-11 (Bareback from pasture I)

SOLD! "Dropper"

Grade Cross

Dropper has a great future ahead of him. Started out quietly and gently by Amish Youth he has miles on him and a huge love for people. 3 yo and no shyness or uncertainty. He is 13.3 + hands and did a good deal of growing since we got him this spring (we just let him be at pasture to mature more with occasional light rides now and again). Dropper has good feet and is super quiet. He is curious and calm. Has amazing potential as a youth/kids/beginner mount. Smooth gates. Trail and traffic safe, rides out alone without hesitation. He is learning some more riding finness but he is well on his way to being a fun and safe little trail horse or step up youth show pony. Could also make a really cute driving pony! Sound and Sane with a Big Heart.

Droppers mane is very spikey and has a head and neck like a haflinger/or fjord cross. His lineage however is uncertain.

SOLD! Congratulations Julie P. of Grantsburg, WI
I think Dropper will make you a great Driving Partner. He has the heart and personality to take it step by step with you to learn together!

See his youtube videos at:


2-7-12 (Tacking/Riding)

2-7-12 (Pulling Christmas Tree)


SOLD! "Bud"


AQHA Pending Jackie Bee/ZCC/Zippo Pine Bar
grey gelding

Bud is a super personable colt bred and raised here. He is a nice mover with a pleasure jog, lope, quiet mind and head set. He is also very desensitized and has a good start on him. Started with Natural Horsemanship training, and not pushed. Rides full tack and bareback/halter leadrope. Started on trails/traffic/road riding. Nice quiet colt who is gentle by nature and a quick learner. Will make an outstanding show or trail gelding who can do both.

Congratulations and Thank You Erica H. of Strum, WI
He is a great gelding with allot of potential! I hope you guys continue to bond well and he continues to be a great trail partner!


See his youtube videos at:

Video 2-4-12: Riding


Rehomed/Fostered "Bunny"


Registered APHA Breeding Stock
1990 15 hand mare

Bunny is a 21 yo mare with allot to offer for the right individual/family. Well Broke, smooth, and friendly. Good feet, general health (just had her teeth power floated) and safe/sound.

Bunny could make a great pasture mate, or even a beginner
lesson horse in the right setting.

Re-homed. Thank You Karen and Gary of Cushing, WI.
We hope she and Dandy continue to be Best Friends
and look forward to helping you with the two of them!


See her youtube videos at:

NEW VIDEO NOTE FROZEN/Jagged ground 12-18-11 (youth riding/handling from pasture, video I)

NEW VIDEO-NOTE FROZEN-Jagged Ground 12-18-11 (youth riding/handling video II and bridleless)

Newly uploaded, Desensitizing, 5-2011

11-02-11 (Tarps, Cans, pulling tire video 1)

11-02-11 (Tarps, Cans, pulling tire video 2)

10-21-11 (loping on Cattail Trail bareback/halter leadrope)

7-11-11 (Riding pulling kids in wagon I)

7-11-11 (Riding pulling kids in wagon II)

5-21-11 (Riding bareback)

5-21-11 (Riding bareback)

SOLD! "Gem"


8 yo 13 hand Registered American Quarter Pony

Gem is a cute little mare with the conformation, build, and
mannerism of a full sized Quarter Horse in a
little horse size. Gentle mare with allot of potential. Trail and traffic safe. Rides out alone without issue, comes home on a loose rein. Currently getting brush-up riding and doing very well. Nice little jog trot and easy slow legged lope. Walk, trot, and loping bareback with halter/leadrope. Could make a good kids show horse with additional work or for youth with riding experience. Calm and patient.

Congratulations Clara Hipp of MN!
Look for Clara and Gem to debut at WSCA shows this summer!

Gem, 8 yo bay mare

See her youtube videos at:


Tacking up & Riding I:

Riding II:


SOLD! "Blue"


14 hand Purebred Grade
12 yo Grey Arabian Gelding

Blue is super friendly and likes people. Patient and calm, esp. considering his breed. He is doing great with desensitizing and is starting consistant arena and trail/road riding and doing very well with all. No buck or rear and takes saddle and bridle like a gentlemen even though he had been off for many years. Good ground manners. Flashy mover, Just had his teeth power floated this summer. Blue does have a few cosmetic blemishes, however has been vetted and is sound and healthy.

Sold! Thank You and congrats to Theresa
of Cato, Wisconsin!

Good Luck with all you do with him, including
Mounted Shooting!


See his youtube videos at:

11-02-11 (Bareback/halter/leadrope, cans, tarps, etc.)

NEW VIDEO! 11-02-11 (Equine Soccer Ball)

10-20-11 (Saddleing)

10-20-11 (Obstacles)

10-20-11 (Trail Ride)

10-20-11 (Arena Riding; Part I)

10-20-11 (Arena Riding; Part II)

10-4-11 (Desensitizing)

10-4-11 (Circling)


SOLD! "Casper"


Casper is a 15 hand, grade quarter horse gelding. He is a very light palomino with a good build and social nature. Smooth riding gelding that that rides with purpose and is easy to work with and fun to ride. Trail and traffic safe. Will Walk/Trot/Lope bareback and halter/leadrope and can go months without work and still jump on and go. Will pony or be ponied.

Sold! Thank You and congrats to Liz (DVM)
of Bancroft, Wisconsin!

He is a nice boy, Liz!


See his youtube videos at:

NEW VIDEO, 12-5-11 (Bareback from pasture I)

NEW VIDEO, 12-5-11 (Bareback from pasture II)

NEW VIDEO, 12-7-11 (Road/Trail riding from pasture)


(Riding winter, 2010)

Sold in 2011

SOLD! Texas Paint The Wind



2006 APHA 14.2 hand Sorrel Overo gelding

Tex has a great start using all Natural Horsemanship methods. He has a smooth trot and easy lope and has been trail and traffic ridden. Tex was started on State Trails alone last fall and rides out solo beautifully. Meets you at the gait when you go to get someone out and waits for you at the gait to watch you leave when you put him away after working. Tex is super personably and LOVES people.

Tex is very desensitized and enjoys exploring things. He would make an Oustanding EQUINE SOCCER Prospect. Tex was off the majority of the summer without being ridden, however is currently riding again now and shows excellent retention and desire to continue to learn or just enjoy quiet trail rides. Very personable horse looking for a partner.

Sold! Thank You and congrats to Steven
of Beaver, Oklahoma!

We wish the two of you many happy trails!


See his youtube videos at:

NEW VIDEO 10-22-11 (Riding from pasture/bareback halter leadrope)

NEW VIDEO 10-22-11 (Road riding and meeting big farm equiptment)

(Riding w/Horse Soccer Ball)

(Riding with intermediate rider)

(Untacking/riding bareback/desensitizing)

(bareback pulling tire)

(Desensitizing and tacking)


(Road Riding)



SOLD! Zippos Sassy Time


15 hand Registered 7 yo AQHA
Double Bred Zippo Pine Bar gdaughter

Baby is a big built cherry sorrel mare out of an own daughter of Zippo Pine Bar. Baby has been a one owner horse her whole life. Amazing jog trot, well exposed and super desensitized. Coming along very nicely. Responds Excellent with Natural Horsemanship. Starting on trails.

Excellent pedigree with Zippo Pine Bar, Scotch Bar Time,
and Sonny Dee Bar on papers.

SOLD! Thank You and Congratulations to Lori and Jon of Algoma, WI.

We know you will do excellent work with her!


See her Youtube Videos:
Part I: Desensitizing
Part II: Riding Bareback
NEW VIDEO 11-15-11 Saddleing
NEW VIDEO 11-15-11Groundwork/Circling
NEW VIDEO 11-15-11Riding/Saddle


SOLD! "Carilee"


Registered APHA 10 yo 14.3 hand stout breeding stock dun mare. Previously used as lesson horse/extra trail horse/broodmare. Quiet and safe. Good in new areas, very desensitized. Good natured mare.

SOLD! Thank You and Congradulations to
Jenny of Capron, Illinois


See her Online Videos:

NEW VIDEO! 11-2-11 (Desensitizing)

NEW VIDEO! 11-2-11 (Riding Bareback/halter/leadrope)

NEW VIDEO! 11-2-11 (Saddleing)

NEW VIDEO! 11-5-11 (Trail/Road Riding I)

NEW VIDEO! 11-5-11 (Trail/Road Riding II)


SOLD! "Skeet"


Skeet is quiet and good natured. No sassy pony attitude. Halter broke, leads, loads, ties, washes, and circles. Will cross bridges, go over tarps, and is starting general desensitizing.

Used to kids and dogs. Picks up feet good. Nice little pony gelding that would make a great little cart pony, or leadline horse in the future. We have had Skeet since he was born. Dam is currently being used as a lesson pony. No illnesses or injuries, has been on full grass pastures with no founder issues.

SOLD! Congrats and Thank You to
Karen of Westfield, WI.

I think he will mature to be a great little cart pony!



Videos Available Soon

NEW VIDEO 10-22-11 (Desensitizing and Obstacles)


SOLD! "Dove"
Ima Dove Bar



7 yo registered
APHA Breeding Stock mare

Dove is a classy, clean legged, and slender grey mare. Smooth jog and lope with a naturally low headset. Started on neck reining. Desensitized and started on trails.

This is a nice little filly to keep an eye on, she will make a great partner for someone. Broke to ride and tries hard to please, she is a fun mare to work with. Quiet and quick learner.

SOLD! Congradulations and Thank You
Kourtney of Burnsville, MN.

Dove will soon be doing Mounted Patrol and Search/Rescue!


See her youtube videos at:

New Video Full Ride 9-24-11, Video I:

New Video Full Ride 9-24-11, Video II:

New Video Full Ride 9-24-11, Video III:


Tacking/Circling under saddle:


SOLD! "Andy"


15.3 hand grade 12 yo QH gelding

Andy is a super gentle soul. Very quiet natured and easy going. He is big but very laid back. Great lesson horse/therapy horse prospect/beginner/family horse/light riding horse. . He is very tolerant and rides well bareback or full tack, He also rides the same if ridden lightly on a regular basis or on his first time in several months (these videos). He just had his teeth power floated and is current on trimming, vaccination, and worming. Andy was a rescue and I am looking for a good lifelong home for him that can take good care of him, love him, and appreciate what he has to offer and accept what he cannot. Due to a conformational issue he will/can on occasion click his front hoof on his other ankle in gait, but is sound and will w/t/lope at pasture with ease and can w/trot without issues under saddle, will lope, but would want him to go to a primarily light riding/walk trot home to keep him sound and happy. We will be selective as to where he goes. Could make an outstanding therpy horse! Again, Andy was a rescue, what expenses we can recoup by finding him a good loving home, we can apply to help save and find another the same. Price is however neg. to a good home, as that is our goal for him!

SOLD! Thank You and Congradulations,
Sue of Menomonie, WI


See his youtube videos at:

New Video 8-9 (Desensitizing)
New Video 8-9 (Riding Bareback)
New Video 8-9 (Saddle)
New Video 8-9 (Tacking and w young rider)


SOLD! "Daisy"
Zans Sunny Miss


Registered APHA 14.2 hand golden palomino/Dunalino
(w/dark dorsal strip)

Cute little palomino filly, 4 yo with a good start on her. She has Natural Horsemanship training and trail experience. Cute jog and very smooth little pleasure lope. Could make nice 4H project, fancy trail mare, or future color producer.

Daisy learns fast and has allot of try for you. She will be an easy young horse for someone to continue with and advance. Just had her teeth power floated. Daisy has pulled kids around in tires and wagons and she can walk, trot, and lope on her bareback/halter leadrope from pasture. She truly is a nice little minded horse that gets better with every ride and is really getting well broke.

Congradulations and Thank You to
Karie and family in Hudson, WI.


See her youtube videos at:

New Video 7-26 (Riding Bareback from pasture I and pulling tire)

New Video 7-26 (Riding Bareback from pasture II)

7-3-2011 (trail riding in Solon Springs, WI)

7-3-2011 (Second trail riding in Solon Springs, WI)

(Water Pool in sand pit)

NEW Video 8-13-11 (Road riding Bareback/halter/Leadrope)

NEW Video 8-13-11 (Trail riding Bareback/halter/Leadrope)



(Riding under saddle)

(With Equi-Ball)

(Riding bareback/halter/leadrope from pasture w/ lawn mower, in mud, down road etc.)


SOLD! "Ruben"

7 yo grade Black/white Overo gelding
15 hands

Ruben is quiet and gentle. Laid back in demeanor and easy to work with. Excellent trail hrose. Will go where you point him and walk quiet the whole way. Has been overnight trail ridden on and did excellent. Leads, loads, hauls, tacks, trims/bathes, etc. without issues. Has ponied horses and been ponied by others. Can ride straight from pasture in halter/leadrope bareback. Rides alone without issue.

Ruben has not had much arena training prior to my working with him but he is a smart horse that wants to please. Could make excellent 4H or open show horse as well as husband/extra trail horse/potential youth horse. Just had his teeth power floated and wolf teeth removed.

Congradulations Sue of Menomonie, WI

See his youtube videos at:

NEW Video 7-26 (Riding from pasture bareback w/t/lope)
NEW Video 7-26 (Riding w/saddle, w/t/lope and pulling tire)

( Trail/Road Riding)


(trail riding in Solon Springs, WI July 4th weekend, 2011)

(Second trail riding in Solon Springs, WI July 4th Weekend, 2011)




14.3 hand grade
7 yo Red Dun QH mare

Jan is a horse that wants to go slow. She has a nice smooth and easy jog and lope. She is a stout mare and easy to work with, tack, lead, load, haul, etc. Neck reins.

Jan was a 'Sunday' riding horse successfully for an intermediate adult rider last summer/fall and she has been on several state and local trails with her always safe, quiet, and calm. Work and family obligations require Jan to find a new home. I put 30 days refresher spring riding on her using natural horsemanship techniques this spring without issues and rode her yesterday (7-19) for her first ride since leaving here fresh from pasture in halter and leadrope at w/trot, and lope bareback w/o issue.

She is a nice horse that tries hard for her rider. She will be coming home here soon and will be in riding until sold. Videos available soon.


Congradulations Shannon and Tracy of Gordon, WI


Youtube videos coming soon





Registered American Morgan
13.2 hand 5 yo Gelding

Prince looks like a miniature Friesian, He is a little guy, at only 13.2 hands but is quiet natured, easy going, and trail/traffic safe for beginner/intermedate riders. He will walk out to keep up with big horses but does not mind being behind either. He is desensitized and easy to tack and bit, load, haul, wash, trim, ponies behind other horses or 4 wheeler, etc.

Prince would make an excellent 4H prospect/youth/teen project horse. Nice lope and trot that is coming along nicely a well, although I am too big to do allot of finishing on him. He was said to have been cart trained, but I have never hooked him (no cart) He did seem familiar with a harness and ground drove but how much cart work/training he has beyond that, I do not know. Very willing nature and easy going personality.

Congradulations to Kate from Knapp, WI


See his youtube videos at:See his youtube videos at:

NEW Video 7-26 (Riding Bareback)

NEW Video 8-6 (Pulling Tire/Tarp, etc. +Tacking up)

NEW Video 8-6 (w/t/lope with saddle)

(Desensitizing and riding Bareback)

(Round Pen riding with 6 yo niece)



2 yo paint pony cross gelding
43" at wither 44 1/2" at hip

We have had Warren for over a year. He is a very quick learner with exellent retention. 2 glass blue eyes and nice body type. Great feet, has been pastured since birth with no founder issue. He has had desensitizing training using Natural Horsemanship techniques and is respectful of your personal space. Just starting to saddle/pony on him and has taken to it with no ill will, attitude, or buck. Still a young pony with allot to learn, but he could make a great youth/kids pony with proper continued work.

Congradulations Britney from Balsom Lake, WI.
I am sure he will make a great training project for you
and super little pony for your neice!


See his youtube videos at:




SOLD! "Shriek"


35" grey mini donkey

Shriek is very easy to catch and easy to handle. Trained to cart/driving and has been used by beginner family. Good health and condition, approx. 9 yo.

Donkey and well fitting driving cart and harness for
Listing for friends,
call Bonnie at 715-455-1159

SOLD Congradulations to Laurie in MN.

See their quick video clip at:




9 yo 11.2 hand pony cross mare

Taylor is a super cute little pony mare. Not sassy or mean. Pastures well with big horses. Has had 2 foals in the past and was used at large petting zoo. Leads, loads, ties, picks up feet all very well. Currently riding/pony rides. Tacks and takes saddle very well. Very desensitized to cans, bags, tarps, cones, noises and used to kids, dogs, goats, chickens, traffic, etc. Will continue to work with her and price will reflect training.

 SOLD! Good luck with her as a
lesson pony in Forest Lake, MN.



SOLD! "Skippy"
Short and Stout Well Broke Gelding




14 yo 14+ hand grade
Quarter/Paint cross

Skippy loves people. He meets you at the gate and is quiet and patient. Has been trail and road ridden. Skippy was off for serveral years but has previous experience in 4H and suspected speed events and was a beginner families first horse.

Skippy is well desensitized and one hand neck reins great. Excellent trail horse. Trail and Traffic Safe.

 SOLD! To Rockford, IL.
We hope you love him Wyatt!

See his Youtube Videos at:

(with 4 wheeler/power wheel/bike)


(Trail Ride part I)

(Trail Ride part II)

(Trail Ride part III)

(Riding at fair grounds, fall '10)



Zippos Cool Serenity


15.1 hand 2003 APHA mare
Sired by: Impress Me Good (ROM earner in Jr Western Pleasure)
and own son of Zippos Mr Good Bar

Natural Horsemanship training, slow legged
and Super Quiet.

Ava is a big bodied mare with lots of eye appeal. Excellent walk trot horse and quiet and honest on the trail, arena, pasture, bareback, leadline or what have you. Ava is broke to stay broke and does not need to be ridden consistantly to be a safe, quiet mount.

Trail and traffic safe. Ava has been ridden by inexperienced riders and is super quiet and very desensitized. LOVES to go slow! Trail ride, lesson horse prospect, or confidence builder Or with her good pleasure breeding and build one can breed her for a nice baby when market turns around.

Congratulations Chuck, Robin, and Sydney from Webster, WI.

Riding Straight from Pasture

Riding bareback and bridleless

Ava at 1st Extreme cowboy

Ava riding

AVA (Desensitizing)

AVA (Trail/Road bareback)

AVA (Ride around/loading)

SOLD! "Corbel"
Experienced Drill Team Mare

Corbel is a coming 9 yo mare. She is 15.1 hands and tapes 1300 lbs. She is a big girl : ) Corbel has successfully ridden in the Kettle Morrine Drill Team for the past two years and has previous 4H/Fun Show experience. Trail ridden both in and out of state on rides, she is a fun horse with allot to offer. Corbel is currently doing Natural Horsemanship with desensitizing. Rides Bareback/halter Leadrope or full tack. Fun mare that wants to be good and is looking for new riding partner to explore with.
Congratulations Tina From Hope, Rhode Island

See her youtube videos at:

(Around farm/hill/shed)

(Riding Around/General)

(Drill Team)
Corbel is closest horse in second pair entering arena


SOLD! "Ringo"
Registered and well broke, Ex riding stable trail horse


Ringo is a 10 yo registered APHA paint gelding. 15.1 hands and well built. Ringo has Sonny Dee Bar and Kingfisher Mccue in his pedigree and has a western pleasure pitter patter jog. Rides out alone without issues and is a great trail horse. Could make youth 4H mount and is quiet and good natured.

Ringo has previously been used at a Riding Stable as a trail horse on organized rides and has been a great first horse for family the last two years.

Rides bareback/halter leadrope straight from pasture and does not try to fight you. Is currently doing desensitizing training using natural horsemanship methods.
Congratulations to Bill and Roxeanne of Harmony, MN.


See his Youtube Videos at:

(Riding w/kids)



(General Riding)

(Trail Ride bareback)


SOLD! "Brit"
In Foal, will sell with foal buy back option

Coming 7 yo 14.2 hand grade
Mustang cross Mare

Brit is a cute little mare with a big heart and allot of try to please. She is very agile and has been trained and ridden using Natural Horsemanship techniques. She is sound and sane and trail and road ridden as well as been ridden
on state trails and parks.

She is great alone or with others, quiet and calm.
Sure footed little mare looking for a long term riding partner. Very Desensitized, See her Videos!

Congratulations Colleen and family of Sun Prairie, WI.




(Riding loping bareback)

(Road riding, bareback/halter/leadrope

Rest In Peace Lucky.